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Anarchy, please;Diary

Advisers at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority have been having a tough enough time recently, what with their various test-related difficulties. Now officials find themselves gingerly opening letters from the National Society of Anarchists, which has joined every other interest group under the sun in offering its comments on the curriculum review.

Its main demand is that anarchy be included in the national curriculum. The dry response from Chris Jones, in charge of the review: "Some teachers would believe we already have."

The QCA seems to have adopted a shoot-the-messenger solution to its recent problems. Head of communications Tony Millns has lost the media part of his brief and Trevor Cook, the DFEE's deputy head of press relations, has been drafted in to take over press enquiries for the next six months.

Trevor seemed slightly confused as to what he was doing there when the Diary called him on his first day (Wednesday). But he's getting a "modest consideration" to help him over the trauma of leaving Sanctuary Buildings.

Puzzlement, meanwhile, over a muffled request for four tickets to the QCA's upcoming meet-the-public session . . . from the British Institute of Beekeeping. Why should a bunch of apiarists want a mass briefing on key stage tests and the like? The message was in fact left by the British Institute of Innkeeping. But why should a bunch of licensed victuallers ...?

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