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And more about veterans

Kirsty Devaney, a further education delegate from Dundee, revealed what everyone could see during a debate on pensions - what else? She was indeed a baby-boomer, who recalled "a summer of love in the Sixties - in Aberdeen". Perish the thought.

"And here we are talking about death," she continued, gravely.

Hissing Sid Perrie, an old Trot from East Dunbartonshire, however, confessed to all present that since the last conference he had got married.

"It's made two differences. I can now commit adultery and I can get divorced," he revealed.

But he took the edge off it. "I'm not really a great believer in marriage but I was forced to do it," he went on. For pension reasons, of course.

Harking back to Devaney, he recounted the line about hippies in Aberdeen, types not favoured by the locals.

"So you're one of the flower power people? C'm here. I'll plant ye."

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