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... and the ranks

AS A member of Carole Clayson's staff, I feel I must reply to Ciaran Clerkin's letter which suggests my colleagues and I are disaffected, griping and poisoning the atmosphere in our school.

Mr Clerkin is missing the point. Carole is voicing the concerns of ourselves and thousands of teachers. We are a positive, enthusiastic and committed staff but we are concerned by what is happening in education. It is possible to be both committed and criical.

Mr Clerkin says we must remain cheerful at all times but I always thought that whistling was a fairly one-dimensional response to managing adversity.

Personally, I respect a head who supports her staff by daring to point out the impossible demands placed upon them. Carole speaks out because she is committed. She is leading a successful school and I am proud to work here.

Claire Harrison

Wellesley first school

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