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Anger at struggle fuels education;Letter

I WAS particularly moved by Darcus Howe's article (TES, January 29).

I would like to reassure Mr Howe that I DO know who I teach. I am still angry about the way I had to struggle to be recognised for my achievements in the education system. However, it is this anger that fuels me today.

I am passionate about the positive energy that education creates and I know my pupils feel the same. These are the pupils who are all "victims" of western society. But there is no point in dwelling on this, is there? Otherwise there is a danger of falling into a cyclical trap.

Perhaps I'm being naive, but, I sincerely believe that there is something special in every child and it is more important to believe in the ones that society has given up on. The failure of some of the pupils that Mr Howe talks about, I feel, stems from the serious lack of positive role models in the teaching profession.

Hasna Khatun 210 Douglas Road Acocks Green, Birmingham

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