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Anglican entitlements

The letter from the headteacher of Blue Coat Church of England School in Oldham was astonishing. It makes the point that if the discriminatory entry requirements were relaxed in order to allow Muslim pupils into the school, Anglicans in the area would be "deprived of their entitlement". It seems to be accepted that the children of Anglican parents have these extra entitlements just because they are Anglicans. This is against all natural justice, given that we all - Muslims, Hindus, Jews and even atheists - have to pay for these schools.

The idea that understanding between children from different communities can be encouraged by the occasional visit from a "multi-cultural adviser" or a conference is nonsense. Research repeatedly shows that children understand each other's cultures best by personal experience and contact.

While not wishing to lay the entire blame for recent disturbances in the North-west at the door of church schools, there is no doubt that the self-serving nature of these schools has played a part in keeping the children of these communities apart at a formative period in their lives. The proliferation of such schools can only make the situation worse.

Terry Sanderson 9 Sovereign Close London W5

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