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Animal heroics in war and peace

Jilly Cooper, the bonkbuster author who put sex into schools with Wicked!, her latest bestseller, has gone back to her first love: animals.

Jilly, plus menagerie, were at the Imperial War Museum this week to launch the exhibition The Animals' War, opening today, which explores the role of animals in conflict from the First World War to the present.

La Cooper, who's "potty about animals", wrote her book Animals in War for another exhibition at the museum 20 years ago. ("Written in tears, not ink," she says.) NowJshe is back with her beloved pets. Her next novel is about a granny who rescues a racehorse and forms a syndicate. Jilly has rescued an animal too: a greyhound found wandering in Ireland with a muzzle.JAfter a two-week stay with the author, he's perked up and grown a glossy black coat, she reports.

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