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Animal magic

I laughed out loud at Rude Rabbit and Crazy Cow by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins (Collins pound;8.99), the hilarious follow-ups to Daft Dog and Greedy Goat, for nursery years and above. The text is economical, but substantial enough for a storyline to develop; the illustrations are cartoon-like, but oozing energy and character.

Rude Rabbit is upfront and ouspoken. If reprimanded for his bad manners, he says: "Up my jumper!" When he falls for Honey Bunny, he comes straight out with: "HEY! Honey Bun! Gimme a kiss!" Unrequited love finally sends him to "The Big Book of Better Manners".

This husband-and-wife team knows just how to pitch a picture book to equally entertain children and adults.

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