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Animals for Africa

Here's a giveaway with a difference. Friday magazine is buying a camel, a cow and a goat from the charity Oxfam to give to families in Africa on your behalf. By donating a working animal you can help a family begin to earn a sustainable living and give their children a better chance of going to school. Camels are the workhorses of the desert, able to survive in extreme conditions, capable of carrying huge loads; they can even be milked in times of drought. As well as milk, cows provide manure for crops, and importantly, calves which can be sold for much-needed income. Goats, too, supply milk and offspring; the first female kid is given to another family to start the whole process again.

Let your pupils learn about sustainable development this way. We are buying the three animals through Oxfam's Unwrapped gift catalogue ( which has a range of present ideas for everyday life, health and education in the developing world. To win the chance to make the difference to a family in Africa, just answer this question. Oxfam was founded, and is still based, in which British city?

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