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Another dose of reality TV?

It's a fresh start for Bob as he and the other old lags from Summerdown arrive at their newly-merged school. "What are you doing here?" asks headteacher Clare bluntly. "You were offered a generous redundancy package.

One mistake and you're out."

Meanwhile, in home economics Damien burns his fingers and drops a steaming saucepan in the lap of a wheelchair-using pupil. "Hey baldy," he snaps at a bewildered assistant, "wipe him down with a tea-towel."

Why exactly are viewers turning on in their millions to Channel 4's Teachers? It certainly isn't for tips on how to do leadership or successfully integrate children with special needs. In these days of over-prescription, when teachers are fed up with being told what to do, there's blessed relief in seeing them portrayed as rather less than perfect. Teachers are human beings, too.

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