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Another league

Those who have been involved in negotiating on behalf of teachers with Michael Stoten will not be surprised that he should accuse the teacher unions of "emasculating" appraisal schemes (TES, February 21). When I led the joint teacher unions negotiating with him over personnel issues it was always clear that his approach was rubbish as far as most teachers were concerned.

For the record, he could have stated that his own attempt to introduce performance pay for teachers were overturned by simple, reasoned argument. However, here is a constructive proposal. Michael should campaign, first, for education directors and those at the top of every education department, quango or government body, to have their own salaries published annually. Their performance targets, appraisal results and consequent salary adjustments should also be put into the public arena.

As those of us lower down the hierarchy see the benefits that flow in terms of improved and more inspirational management and leadership, if not a new golden age for education, I, for one, will no doubt embrace Michael's ideas with open arms, and even joy.


(former secretary, Kensington and Chelsea Joint Teachers Panel)

62 Cobbold Rd, London W12

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