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Your job and career questions answered

I am on one management point. When I applied for my job last year, it had two points attached, but because I was new they offered me one point and less work. The head wants to increase my pay next year, along with my workload. She is reluctant to give me the second point as she thinks the system is about to change. She is either going to pay me in recruitment and retention points or put me up the pay scale a year early. If she puts me up the main scale (from point 4 to 5), can I apply for threshold a year earlier too?

The future of the management point system is under discussion and all such points are temporary. The advantage of the additional point on the main scale is that it is not temporary. In this uncertain climate, I would go for that option. Retention points are temporary and not applicable. Going up the main scale faster will help you apply sooner for threshold, assuming those regulations don't change before you can apply.

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