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Anti-bullies in the pink

Gay times in Canada, where hundreds of students at a Nova Scotia high school left a bully pink-faced.

The bully had threatened a new 14-year-old pupil who had worn a faded pink T shirt to the first day of school and called him a "fag".

Older pupils were having none of it. David Shepherd and his classmates bought a batch of pink T-shirts and spread the word on Facebook that Friday was Pink Day.

"It's my last year," said David, a senior at Central Kings Rural High School. "I've stood around too long and wanted to do something."

On the Friday, amid a sea of pink, one pupil stood out in his duller tones: the bully. Graeme King, the school's vice-principal, said the protest had been silent yet effective. "It screamed out the message that you are not going to do this and get away with it," he said.

The bully was suspended from school for five days.

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