Anyone for golf?

(Photograph) - Pupils at Freegounds junior school, in Southampton, work on their handicap at one of the few schools in the country with its own nine-hole golf course.

More than 100 parents, teachers and local business people worked for a day to create the course, based on the design of James Corben, a Year 6 pupil, after whom the ninth hole has been named.

Inspired by their golf facility, some children at the 350-pupil school want to reach the top.

Tom Smith, 10, said: "I don't like football, so I can play golf at school.

I want to keep playing through my life and meet people like Tiger Woods."

The idea came from Jo Walker, a teacher who also organised funding for the course. A professional tutor will be provided with money from the government-funded Schools Sports Partnership.

Ms Walker said: "For those who do not fit into the mould of football or netball, this gives them a chance to work in a team and develop skills."

Photograph by RUSSELL SACH

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