AOC welcome for all candidates

If the Association of Colleges had a budget of Pounds 3 billion, - as stated in "Political high-flyer wanted to run AOC" (FE Focus, September 11) - we could then aspire to have Peter Mandelson applying for the job. Readers may be reassured to know that our budget is actually about Pounds 3 million.

I am also concerned at the implication that the board has already determined the type of person we require - political rather than managerial, from outside rather than from within FE - and thus are excluding some people from consideration. This is not the case.

We are seeking to encourage candidates from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and skills. I do not want any potential candidates to be deterred by the implication in the article that a premature decision had been taken.

Jim Scrimshaw

Chair, Association of Colleges

Centre Point, 103 New Oxford Street

London WC1A

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