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A TASTE FOR DESIGN. Pizza Express Design and Technology Pack. Available free from 0171 379 0304

There can't be many children who haven't made a pizza as part of a food technology lesson. The base is simple and a wide range of toppings can be designed and tested as part of a product development cycle.

How many pupils, however, have thought about the impact the pizza has had on the design of food outlets? To help with this, a free resource pack has been produced by PizzaExpress. Created for key stage 3, the focus is not on the pizza but the design of the building. These are often of historical significance and the resource pack shows how conservation factors are taken into account. Pupils should enjoy the sections devoted to ergonomic design and creating a floorplan. Photocopiable sheets contain activities ranging from the design of a staff uniform to ideas for a high-tech tray for waiters.

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