Apron-twitchers put in the shade

If FEand HE minister Bill Rammell has any inside knowledge of the workings of the masons, he did a good job of keeping quiet about the subject when he visited City Lit.

The college's new building in Holborn, London, is rather close to the Freemasons' Hall, the headquarters of people with apron-twitching tendencies.

Sitting on the rooftop where students relax for lunch, the roof of the meeting place of the United Grand Lodge, the national governing body of freemasonry, was pointed out to him as he gazed over the skyline.

His hosts from City Lit mentioned that they had to pay a lot of money to the masons when the new building went up, because it was much higher and, allegedly, blocked the masons' light.

So, with the Government having stumped up 40 per cent of the building costs, does this mean there is a link between Whitehall and the ancient order?

Let the conspiracy theories commence.

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