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An Archie for me

Off to the great hall of Edinburgh Castle to spend the night with supporters of Queen Victoria School for the sons and daughters of Scottish sailors, soldiers and airmen, to give it the full title.

While the sons may have looked to Ian McGeechan for a few rugby quips or to Lord Cullen for some legal tips, the daughters had someone else in their sights - step forward young Alastair Mackenzie, aka Archie, laird of Glenbogle from the BBC's hit series Monarch of the Glen, who seemed to get offered lots of wine and sausages.

Mackenzie turns out to be a patron of the school's 2008 centenary appeal, the launch of which was the purpose of the celebration at the Castle. It appears that dad, aka Rear Admiral D J Mackenzie, is a former governor - or, to be official about it, a member of "the board of Her Majesty's commissioners for the government of Queen Victoria School".

They don't make them like that anymore.

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