Are Latin verbs a fule's errand?

ANY fule kno Manchester Gramer Skool is the most super smashing seat of lernin in the hole wyd worl. But wot is this we hear on Radio 4's You and Yours last Friday? The Lord High Master of Manky Gramer himself Doc Martin Stephen saying that who but me, hem-hem, Nigel Molesworth esk - 1950s skoolboy from the branes of writer Geoffrey Willans and cartoonist Ronald Searle - is top of his hepcats!

"Molesworth was my role model," sa the Doc in deep seriousness. Now wot he said next is in dispute: we thort he sed any weed in Manky gramer who kno the pluperfect of moneo would be thrown out pretty short sharpish but he says he sed he could sympathise with clots for not kno such a needless thing. Hurrah for ickle pretti Doc Stephen!

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