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Are these the eight best homework excuses ever?

To mark the imminence of half-term, we decided to have a bit of fun earlier this week. Taking to Twitter, we asked the world's teachers for their most memorable excuse for late or absent homework. Quickly our #thedogateit hashtag was buzzing with activity.

Not wishing to see all this wonderful stuff disappear into the ether, we've picked out our favourite eight for you to enjoy as you pour yourself a well-earned half-term drink.


"Destroyed in a controlled explosion" was the homework story I heard today from a work colleague


I am in the process of re-evaluating my priorities and Military History did not make the list


A great one "I was stopped by a film crew and ended up playing a peasant"


I don't have a dog but my cat weed on my homework once!


"My mum doesn't agree with homework" - phoned her and apparently she really didn't!


@tes When I started teaching, I had a dog that liked eating paper, so it was more: 'The dog ate YOUR homework'


My dog didn't eat my #homework but he chewed up my pencil


Teacher to my pal: "Your homework is outstanding"

My pal: "Oh, thanks very much Miss"

Teacher: "No, you haven't done it."

Thanks to everyone involved – but a special hat-tip to @notcarolyn for the wonderful picture at the top of this page.

Have you heard a better excuse for missing homework? Let us know in the comments below... 


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