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Arrant arrogance

SO Liz Paver can afford pound;30 for a curry (TES, February 9), perhaps that is because for the foreseeable future she will be getting her lunch and travelling expenses paid for by teachers who had no say in the structure, format or remit of the General Teaching Council.

I am so pleased that the GTC will be "advising the Secretary of State". We know how much authority that will have. I also consider it arrogance that Liz Paver feels that I need her to tell me what my ethical standards should be, or that after 13 years in the classroom I have any need of a "Professional Code for Teachers".

In keeping with the current phlosophy perhaps the GTC should adopt the principle of payment by results. I'm sure most teachers would be happy to contribute pound;1 for every pound;100 salary increase that the GTC secures, so to get pound;25 all they have to do is secure a pound;2,500 pay rise for every teacher.

The arrogance of demanding pound;25 before it has even proved its worth or actually achieved anything suggests a body that already has an inflated sense of it's own importance. I urge all teachers to refuse to pay their subscription and make it as difficult to collect as possible.

CR Owen

Supply teacher

8 Stuart Close

Ipswich, Suffolk

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