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KS34: for a graphic art work project - with the whole group develop a fantasy story centred on what will be found when astronauts finally land on Mars and the dangers they face. Produce a comic-book where each pupil is required to contribute a single page featuring some action in the story. As the story is about the planet Mars, challenge pupils' compositional skills by stipulating that each page must be circular in shape, or the action composed within the overall outline of a space vehicle. Examine ways in which space adventures have been presented in differing graphic styles, by comparing early illustrations to Jules Verne's War Of The Worlds with Dan Dare in the Eagle comics and the many contemporary space-fantasy visual stories. Each pupil will collect contrasting images from comics, and make a study of useful dynamic lettering styles and the use of the simplified visual forms and pattern of the comic, in their sketch books. Critical studies references will include Roy Lichstenstein, and other pop artists such as Ed Ruscha and James Rosenquist.

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