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KS3+. Lampooning political figures, through the use of caricature in cartoons, is a feature of all elections. Commence the project by asking pupils to collect examples of famous people who have been victims of caricature; they can be political figures such as Tony Blair or those in the entertainment industry such as Bob Geldof (Gerald Scarfe etc). These caricatures should be compared with a normal photo of the person to study the way that their most prominent features have been exaggerated and stylised. Pupils can then take their own self-portraits and turn them into caricatures, either using a computer program or by drawing a regular grid over the photo of their face and redrawing it altering its dimensions to exaggerate particular features. This work can then be developed by studying a Spitting Image video, and making large-scale Spitting Image-type figures. Start by using the hand inserted in a thick sock, for the mouth, and build outwards using foam and various fabrics, with Modroc - bandage impregnated with plaster - draped over screwed up paper for the chin and facial features; the finished puppets can then be part of a satirical political performance, particularly if there is a mock election in school, where candidates can be the models for puppets.

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