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Using three bicycles grouped together in the room, with spotlight to create additional shadow effects, produce observational drawings of bicycles in graphic media from different viewpoints in sketchbooks, and then concentrate on the shapes in between the drawn lines, to explore flat pattern and colour.

Discuss with pupils the art photograph, "The Bicycle Messengers Seated" by C Currier (The American Art Book, pound;6.95 from Phaidon) and the painting by Fernand Leger, "Leisure Homage to Louis David" of a family group with bicycles. Pupils then take digital photographs of local people and friends with their bicycles, and use these as a basis for a group study. Explore the drama of the cycle race emphasising crowds, speed, colourful banners, etc. See Jean Metzinger's "At The Cycle Track" (20th Century Art Book, pound;6.95 from Phaidon).

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