Art and design

KS 4: Ask pupils to research the experimental stage design work of the Bauhaus (see The Bauhaus by Uwe Westphal (Studio Editions). Set pupils the main task, in pairs, to design and make costumes for imaginary and surreal pantomime characters. Give them names, such as Hairy Horace or Andrew the Amphibian. Start with a simple face mask, using parcel tape, and build up a complete costume around it. Use a range of improvised techniques and materials, with one pupil using paper, fabric and innovative improvised methods to assemble the costume directly onto their partner. (For a description of the project, including techniques and examples produced by students see A'N'D secondary art and design education magazine, issue12: A PGCE 3D Workshop by John Bowden; copies available from NSEAD, tel: 01249 714825.) After completing the costume, pupils can then develop key skills in literacy by writing a fantasy poem about their character, and designing a poster for a pantomime which features the costumes and the poem, using Hockney's posters for the stage and his graphic methods as a stimulus - see Hockney Posters (Harmony Books), pages 53, 84 and 93.


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