Art and design cohort experiences a real brush with success

Finest Advanced Higher candidates exhibit work and hear from those forging artistic careers, writes Julia Horton

Leading art and design pupils from across Scotland have showcased their work at a national exhibition of excellence.

About 60 folios of some of the best expressive art and design by this year's top Advanced Higher candidates were displayed at Dollar Academy last weekend.

The school event also featured workshops and tutorials for Advanced Higher pupils and teachers, who were invited from around the country.

Former Advanced Higher candidates who are now forging careers in the world of art and design were also at the event to give talks about their work.

Up-and-coming young talents who were lined up to speak included artist and designer Charlie Anderson, who talked about his creation of images for Urban Outfitters; animator Rachel Maclean, who showed an edit of a recent film and walk through an example of Photoshop collage; and fashion designer Jen Baillie who discussed collaborative design and working with clients.

Pupils were encouraged to bring along sketch books to help them obtain information and advice on their projects and aspirations to embark on a career in art.

Speaking ahead of the event, Gus Maclean, head of art and design at Dollar Academy, said: "This is a great opportunity for us to use the facilities we have here for an event which will encourage young artists and designers and hopefully help support the future of creative life in Scotland.

"We are a school that is very passionate about art and this is a subject explored here by pupils from a very young age. I am delighted that we are able to host this event and am grateful for the many artists, teachers and candidates who will be contributing."

About 550 pupils and teachers were expected to attend the exhibition in the Maguire Building at the Clackmannanshire school.

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