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The Equality and Human Rights Commission is asking young Britons to express their vision of a world free from prejudice for Young Brits at Art 2010

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This year the national art award invites 11-19 year olds to explore their beliefs, opinions and judgments by asking: "What would the world look like if we lived without prejudice?"

Young Brits at Art 2010 includes new categories such as photography, sculpture and motion animation, as well as its previous sections for painting and drawing. National curriculum teaching packs are available to guide schools, pupil referral units, religious groups and other organisations that wish to explore the meaning of equality and human rights through art. Young people can also develop their own artwork and enter independently.

How entrants choose to define prejudice is up to them and there will be 45 workshops held across Britain by arts professionals to support those taking part.

Website: www.equalityhumanrights.comart


Contact: 0845 604 6610

Closing Date: Wednesday 24 March 2010

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