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Art - Brush up on their skills

What is it?

In the Teachers TV collection of Primary Art Lesson Ideas, teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lesson for upper primary. Covering a variety of art topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons yourself.

Getting started

The programmes contain a great selection of topics. In Primary Arts - Scrap Art, teachers at two schools in Blackburn demonstrate three lesson ideas using scrap and recycled materials. A session on Indian block printing explains the necessary techniques, while artist Zoe Carter Beedie shows how to make 3D peacock masks with P1 children, and teacher Emma Myers show her class how to make pop-up puppets.

Taking it further

In Primary Art - Through the Hedge, Lisa Craig from Waycroft Primary in Bristol demonstrates how she uses the outdoors as inspiration for a KS2 (P4-7) art lesson. She asks her class to combine their observations with the key art skills they have acquired. They have to look clearly and in detail at the leaves and petals in flowers by Van Gogh, for example. Meanwhile, Zoe Sharples asks her KS2 children to create a piece of abstract art which is a map of their life journey. She, too, stresses the importance of children looking really closely at detail, and of the teacher modelling the work herself. So she draws a map of her own life and answers the children's questions about what each bit represents. It's very personal work, which she says the children love talking about. Trust their intuitive decision-making, she advises. So if they are drawn to pick up an orange pencil, let them.

Where to find it

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