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Art courses benefit the artist, teachers and the pupils

It was great to read of the impact of art sessions with teachers in the south-west ("The art of inspiration", Friday, May 4).

We have just started something similar at Fulwood high school in Preston. All teachers from the region's secondary, primary and special schools are given the chance to work with artists in different disciplines.

Teachers get to know artists, understand their area of work, and spend some time exploring a variety of media, smetimes for the first time. All our courses have been booked up - and the feedback is so encouraging that next term will include the arts per se.

Already schools are linking up with each other, art galleries and the council to provide an arts education where everyone - pupils, teachers, artists and the wider community - benefits from an interactive creativity.

Geraldine Walkington, head of art, Fulwood high school, Preston, Lancashire

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