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Bob Welch

LINKERS SERIES. By Karen Bryant-Mole Myself discovered through art and technology. Toys discovered through art and technology. Homes discovered through art and technology. Water discovered through art and technology. A C Black Pounds 8.50 each (Pounds 4.50 paperback)

This useful series investigates the commonly used key stage 1 topic themes of myself, toys, water and homes. Each book links the topic to one of four curriculum areas: science, geography, history or art and technology. In this final category reviewed here, two national curriculum areas have been combined, but for some reason the word design has been omitted. Pedantic maybe, but definitely confusing. The books are bright, colourful and attractive, well illustrated with large photographs on each page.

Some of the tasks suggested for children may bring a smile or two into the classroom. For example, in Myself, children are asked to look at a picture of children playing: "Paintings and photographs are flat. But children are not flat, they have bits that stick out and bits that go in. You could make a model to show how you go in and out." Pupils are then encouraged to make a relief sculpture from clay.

Toys introduces children to the idea of evaluating a product and gives ideas for making puppets. Homes looks at plans and models, while Water encourages children to make waterproof clothes and experiment with water colours.

The science, history and geography strands of Linkers are now also available.

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Bob Welch

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