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Art - A spectrum of creativity

What is it?

"Studying artists' work" is a selection of visually appealing and practical resources for project-based work, lesson planning and group activities. It includes a range of resources for studying the work of classical and contemporary artists, designers and animators.

What's in it

General resources include a worksheet on how to write about artists' work, with a checklist that can be used as a reminder or revision tool (uploaded by Mchandelkumar).

Dangita_78 has provided a series of questions that can be used as prompts to help students think about art and a set of keywords and vocabulary for discussing art that can be used as the basis for a classroom display. Worksheets and a PowerPoint supplied by Suzanne Freeman aim to help students research an artist's work and are divided into ability levels.

Material on specific artists includes a PowerPoint on 21 artists still working, with examples of work and quotations from each (artcrisis). Inthewilderness has uploaded images and quotes from Friedensreich Hundertwasser that can be used as a starter activity, while Sarah Beaumont has provided a PowerPoint on works by the same artist for display, discussion or analysis.

A natural forms project, supplied by June21, includes images from Georgia O'Keefe and her contemporaries, while Jonathan Carney has uploaded a scheme of work based on the British illustrator, artist and designer Jon Burgerman.

Resources provided by St.Christophersschool encourage pupils to develop ideas and techniques by looking at the South African artist Isabelle le Roux, and a PowerPoint can be used to get pupils to analyse and discuss the surrealist works of artist Giorgio de Chirico (Greenford).

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