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Artistic shapes

I was teaching "shape" to a reception class on my final teaching placement.

I had planned a variety of activities to accommodate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. However, the pi ce de resistance was my old collection of art postcards by Wassily Kandinsky, whose paintings are full of shapes. I gave each child a postcard and they had some quiet time to look at their card and then some time to talk about their observations with a partner. We played a game where we sat in a circle and I would call out a particular shape. Those with the shape on their card would swap places. I also gave them a variety of drawing materials and lots of wooden shape-blocks and asked them to produce a shape picture. The Kandinsky postcards had obviously inspired them because they produced fantastic pictures, some copying their postcard and others following Kandinsky's style more freely.

Alison Wood, recently qualified and seeking work in BristolSouth Gloucestershire area

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