'Arty-farty'? Hands off new-look TES

This is the first time I've written in, but I just had to respond to Dr Ted Cole's letter saying he didn't like your new format (28 October). I've never disagreed with every point in a letter more. When I realised after a few minutes how the pictures fit in with the leading article ("The many and the few", 21 October), the delayed gratification made me smile. I then flicked through every page to see them as a series. Also, when I got to the article with the picture of the pilot ("Blue sky thinking"), I woke up my (hungover) flatmate to show him the picture.

I want to teach literature, not art, by the way. I am currently studying and it's always been a dream to progress to PhD level. But now I am having second thoughts if it means I'll become as grumpy and grey as Dr Ted.

Niyi Adelakun, London N8.

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