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Ask Frank for spliff wisdom

The Home Office has created a fictional character called Frank to give advice on drugs and the reclassification of cannabis.

On Frank's website,, he says reclassification acknowledges that cannabis is not as harmful as other Class B substances like speed. He points out the maximum jail term for possession will be cut from five years to two. Fines and non-custodial sentences such as community service will still be used.

Most adults caught with cannabis will get a warning and have it confiscated. says Frank. However users will be arreseted if in a public place, near a place where there are children, for example a school, or where public order is at risk. Repeat offenders will be prosecuted.

"If you are under 18, and it's your first offence... you will normally be arrested, taken to the police station and given a warning or a reprimand.

If it's not your first offence, you will be given a final warning or be charged. If you have been given a warning and get caught again you'll most likely be charged."

Supplying cannabis will still be illegal. Penalties for this will not change (a maximum of 14 years). "Supplying includes passing a joint to a mate," Frank warns.

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