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Dates and events to inspire pupils

Dates and events to inspire pupils

July 11: World Population Day

What's the big idea?

World Population Day aims to raise awareness of global population and development issues. It is co-ordinated by the United Nations Population Fund and this year's theme is family planning, with the tagline "It's a right, let's make it real."

Assembly ideas

You could start with a survey of what pupils believe is the current world population level. You could then reveal the true figure, putting it into context by looking at population change over time.

The population counter available on the International Database of the US Census Bureau website should give you an accurate value for current world population. It also has information on historical population figures.

You could then use the same website to get a range of population growth figures in different countries. This could then lead up to a discussion of why population growth is so much higher in the less developed nations. You could also look at the predictions that have been made about future population growth globally.

Alternatively, you could focus the majority of the assembly on a particular global population issue, as suggested by the UNPF. For instance, you might want to look at their chosen theme for this year. If you do, the fact sheets available on their website should help.

Help, I don't have enough time to prepare

Use the assembly plan at:

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