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Susan Young

International Walk to School Month

What's it all about?

October's Walk to School campaign asks parents, pupils and teachers to think about their journey to and from school, and the benefits of making it on foot.

Assembly ideas

You could start by looking at the different options pupils have to come to school - walking, car, bikes, scooters or bus. With primary children, you could then ask them to consider what might happen if everyone had the choice and came in a lorry - you would get a nice view, but what impact would it have?

You could then talk about how too many cars also present problems, and talk about the health benefits of walking and getting regular exercise. You might consider a sticker scheme for children who walk to school, but this needs some sensitivity as many will not have a choice about how they arrive.

Another great fact to throw in is that people will typically walk three times round the world throughout their lifetime.

With older pupils, you could talk more about the environmental benefits. It is estimated that school runs are responsible for more than 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year, more than for the whole of the Bahamas. You could explain the relationship between CO2 and global warming, and talk about how we make choices about how to travel to school.

Help, I don't have enough time to prepare

There are readymade plans at assembliesindex.cfm?mode=searchdisplayamp;id=123amp; history=keyword what_is_carbon_dioxide_assembly_plan_1.pdf

Where can I go for more information?

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