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Assembly of the week

Time for giving

Try this assembly from British Red Cross to encourage pupils to forget about what they want for Christmas and focus on those in need.

The "Lucky to be Alive" presentation explores the effects of disasters, from natural tragedies to terrorist attacks. It tells the stories of Danny Biddle (pictured below), who was seriously injured in the 77 attacks in London, and Begum Syeda, a survivor of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake.

Pupils take on the role of survivors, explaining the horrors they have faced. These thought-provoking stories should make pupils think twice. Do they really need the latest gadget for Christmas, or are they lucky enough just to have the chance to celebrate? bit.lyGivingAssembly

For an assembly for every day of term, try the TES Assembly a Day collection. bit.lyNovAssemblies.

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