ATL conference decisions in brief

The ATL conference decided to:

* campaign for a nationally- recognised qualified lecturer status for lecturers in post-16 education;

* press for additional funding for primary schools;

* seek to persuade the Government to lower the normal retirement age of teachers from 60 to 55, while retaining the option to continue teaching to 65;

* take all possible steps to persuade the government to rescind the proposals to change the ill-health and premature retirement schemes;

* demand a full public inquiry into teachers' pay;

* counter the bad press the profession receives by ensuring that the successes of the majority of teachers are brought to public notice;

* call for an urgent review of the workings of the Children Act because of the harmful impact on teachers of allegations made against them;

* seek changes to the law to produce realistic and enforceable sanctions to deal with disruptive pupils;

* investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the ATL seeking closer links with the Association of University Teachers;

* publicise the "onerous" workload and heavy responsibilities on teachers arising from the implementation of the special needs code of practice;

* investigate means of ensuring that Office for Standards in Education inspectors have the relevant expertise and experience in the fields they are inspecting.

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