ATL member's secret life exposed

You are the person in the staffroom with your nose stuck into The Daily Telegraph while all around you colleagues seek solace from the pages of the Guardian.

You are the cultured classical music-listening, theatre-goer who in the privacy of your own home likes nothing better than zapping a few computer-simulated aliens.

You are both bon viveur and keep-fit fanatic. You are switched on to new technology but still adore books. Who are you? You are a member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

Research by the 150,000-strong union shows its members work hard and play hard. Nearly two-thirds have a personal computer at home, of whom 92 per cent use it for work. Half also use it for games and entertainment. One in 10 has access to the Internet or e-mail at home.

On average, ATL members take two holidays away from home a year. The large majority of vacations were in the UK but France was the next most popular destination. A few brave souls ventured as far as Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Three-quarters enjoyed reading books regularly but the most popular read of the week was The TES closely followed by I the Radio Times. More intriguing were the 1 per cent who buy Viz magazine.

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