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ATM begins the beguine

The theme of this year's Association for the Teaching of Mathematics conference is "Beginnings", to be held at St Martin's College, Lancaster, from April 9 to 12. Opening and closing speaker, Helen Williams and Adrian Pinel, will address questions on "beginnings" at the plenary sessions: How do young children first begin to make sense of maths? What maths makes good beginnings with young children? How do beginning teachers make sense of maths? What maths makes good beginnings for a new teacher? What good beginnings are there within areas of maths? What do you do next, once you have begun well?

Thursday is primary day, with sessions on "Beginnings in the playground", "Crafty beginnings", "Beginnings from Stories", and "Beginning to use measurement" among the seminars offered.

The workshop resource base will provide delegates with the opportunity to explore mathematical beginnings in an informal atmosphere. The bookstall will have a range of ATM materials at special conference prices and publishers and educational suppliers will be exhibiting on Thursday. Details of conference fees and rates for students and newly qualified teachers from Marian Keeling, ATM, 7 Shaftesbury Street, Derby DE23 8YB.

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