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Attack on pay is an attack on development of skills

I was interested to note Gordon Brown's desire to postpone an election in order to put his social policy in place.

I hope this policy will include a review of FE funding, enabling our Association of Colleges bosses to reverse the 2.5 per cent pay cut imposed on FE lecturers such as myself who are struggling to survive within the profession.

As a delegate at the University and College Union pay conference on Saturday, I was heartened by the vote to fight the cutting of lecturers' pay - an attack even Margaret Thatcher didn't get away with.

As the Government constantly reminds us of the need to develop the skills of our young people, it should perhaps be aware that there will be no lecturers left in the profession to do this if it chooses to ignore our vote.

Alex Woodman, Lecturer at City and Islington College, London.

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