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Atten-shun! Teaching isn't like the military

Paragraph 6.28 of the white paper says: "To date, governors have not received the recognition, support or attention that they deserve." Reading the rest of the document, one can see what they mean: governance is nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 5 (on academies) never mentions governing bodies, although it is the governing body which decides if a school is to become an academy, not the headteacher, local authority or central government.

More funding is to be devolved directly to schools, and in practice this means to the governing body. In the political rhetoric, however, Michael Gove continues the deeply embedded tradition of suggesting that funding is devolved directly to the headteacher.

As schools become increasingly independent, and as local authority support diminishes, this is the time above all when good, strong governance is needed.

Phil Hand, Governor, Cantell School, Southampton.

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