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Attired for Ms Greer

The things people will do for an evening with Germaine Greer.

Headteachers in Cambridgeshire are champing to wear school uniform to work for a day, in the hope of meeting the intellectual feminist at a dinner afterwards. Organisers say the event, on June 13, will help them "enjoy the educational experience" from the other side.

The heads must attend as many lessons as possible and abide by all school rules (no gum, no trainers, no answering back, no running, no petting in the corridors, and so on).

Let's hope they can find enough blazers to fit.

All money raised by the primary and prep schools taking part will go towards East Anglia's Children's Hospice in Milton, Cambridgeshire.

At least the event is easier on the ear than last year's headmasterly challenge, organised by the same group, in which heads had to reach grade 1 on an unfamiliar musical instrument in just eight weeks.

As for the heads in uniform, they just have to hope the Ofsted inspectors don't turn up.

Schools interested in taking part should visit:

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