An authentic French feel

GENIAL 2 By Tony Elston, Patricia McLagan, Julie Green Oxford University Press Student's Book Pounds 6 Workbook Pounds 1.60 Teacher's Book Pounds 18.50 Set of 4 cassettes Pounds 50 + VAT

This is the second stage of a three-part course for beginners, younger or slower learners of French, or for those with special needs, based on reduced content at key stage 3 of the national curriculum. It is set in an imaginary television studio with an emphasis on listening and speaking linked to colourful and uncluttered visual stimuli.

Target language is used and recycled throughout in a structured, supportive way. The accompanying workbook provides a valuable record of work and, with the separate repromasters, essential assessment opportunities.

The student's book has eight modules, covering topics such as personal description, food and drink, pocket money, and giving a party. Two pages of realia underline the authentic French feel, which will motivate pupils, as will the choice of open-ended goals. Pupils can choose to produce their own conversation, for example, or conduct pair-work and surveys.

Three other features are the Karaoke song, that brings together key language from the module, the Graffiti board, which is more revision, but also allows pupils to generate creative use of language, and the encouragement of autonomy through the use of IT.

Without doubt, Genial has set a winning formula for the younger and less able learner of French.

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