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'Average' salaries to be axed

East Lothian is to become the first Scottish council to depart from allowing for average salaries rather than actual salaries of teachers under devolved management schemes.

The current system was introduced to prevent the situation south of the border where schools have axed experienced staff in favour of younger teachers on lower salaries.

Anne Marie Carrie, head of education, said on Tuesday that the change to paying schools actual salaries would improve accounting procedures and help to identify precise staffing costs. "Salaries will follow members of staff. At present, there is not a clear handle on how much it costs to run each school, " Ms Carrie told the education committee.

Headteachers would be given greater control but would be prevented from employing cheaper staff by central checks. Morris Lee, an Educational Institute of Scotland spokesman, said teachers had no wish to see any trace of the English system and demanded further consultation before backing any change.

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