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Avoid cuts and pay freezes - just scrap 'CfE garbage'

Another week, another ill-informed suggestion that teachers are not working enough hours and that a rise in their workload will bring councils greater value for money ("Pay and conditions at risk," TESS, September 3).

The suggestions made by Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson - and "what others (are) thinking" - will bring a reduction in the effectiveness of teachers and a rise in stress levels and related absence.

In the same issue, there is a half-page advert for the Scottish Learning Festival under the banner of "Curriculum for Excellence: Enhancing Experiences, Raising Standards". We are told there will be over 6,000 delegates, 160 seminars, eight spotlight sessions and four keynote sessions, funded by the Scottish Government.

We have no money for smaller classesteachers' salariesequipment, but we have money for this rubbish? What kind of a moral vacuum do we live in when children's needs are put behind the salaries of those who get paid to write all that CfE garbage?

Forget freezing teachers' pay, reneging on class size deals and changing conditions of service. Scrap CfE, so the huge sums paid to BoydBloomer etc can be put to good use.

This will bring huge savings, and the education of the next generation won't be squandered by the drivel these "experts" put out. How about it, Mr Russell?

G McCready, Great Western Road, Glasgow.

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