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Avoid Youboobs by making tracks

When YouTube is good, it's great. Witness the rendition of Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas? by Kings College staff in Guildford.

Shot in tasteful monochrome, the secondary teachers perform with admirable gusto and a great willingness to laugh at themselves. We particularly like the Dizzee Rascal-style rap by John Salberg, a PE teacher.

At last viewing (and there have been many in the TES office), it was one of the top-rated videos in YouTube's UK music charts.

We hope that teachers across Britain will visit the site, give it a five-star rating and make the track a Christmas number one.

Unfortunately, when YouTube is bad, it's very, very bad. Witness the 22-second offering from Ed Balls, education secretary, and Gordon Brown, to accompany last week's Children's Plan. The two stand on the steps of No 10 with a group of children, grinning inanely. And, er, that's it. Our Whitehall sources blame a "technical hitch".

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