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Award winner needs a life

I wish to make some comments about the story concerning Carol Parker, primary head of the year (TES Cymru, July 9).

She seems to be pleased with the fact that "now that I have the laptop I can sit with everybody and nobody notices if I work until 10 or 11pm".

Has she never heard of the work-life balance which has been a legislated requirement since September 2003 under the workload agreement? David Sassoon says on page 29: "Governors ignore their (heads') welfare at their peril. In ensuring a work-life balance for their staff, many heads are in danger of running themselves into the ground."

Governors at Cwmaman school should be aware of their duty of care to Mrs Parker and ensure she does not work such long hours.

Finally, when are teachers going to realise that there is no direct correlation between the number of hours they work and their effectiveness?

Get a life outside school, Mrs Parker.

E Goodall

10 Fallowfield




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