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Back to the 1970s

I have recently qualified as an FE lecturer and expected a more enlightened attitude toward sexual equality in FE. In my first year, I have been called love, darling, sweetiepie, to name a few. I have had passes made at me from staff and students.Other female colleagues are supportive but resigned to their fate. I suppose I should be grateful that wages are similar, although sometimes I wish there was a deficit and I could take my employer to court for tangible inequality. I keep dreaming of a breakaway women-only college of FE.

I would expect colleges to pay more than lip service to the notion of sexual equality and hope that management would lean heavily on sexual harassment at the same time as fostering an atmosphere of inclusion. It is unfortunate but it sounds like you landed back in the 1970s. Elsewhere, I think that you'll find things have improved considerably.

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