Back to basics

Variety in your sentence structure is crucial if you want anyone to read what you write. Without it, people get bored. Try these 10 resources to teach your students the art of syntax.

1. Change of pace

What is it? An engaging PowerPoint lesson on how and when to vary sentences

What users say "Nice. It focused the lesson on sentence variety and could be incorporated into any unit of work on writing."


2. Starter for them

What is it? Six differently coloured bookmarks remind students of the variety of ways in which you can start sentences

What users say "This is a great resource that is simple but very effective."


3. A Lego leg-up

What is it? An activity that uses Lego bricks to represent the different components of sentences and asks students to build new combinations

What users say "Love it!"


4. Starting points

What is it? A guide for talking students through a wide range of opening sentences

What users say "Very helpful. I printed the slides off and used them as `stations' around the classroom."


5. Connective cogs

What is it? A clear presentation on how connectives and conjunctions can be used to develop sentences

What users say "Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks - you have saved me an hour on my last day of the half-term holidays."


6. Selecting sentences

What is it? A set of reference posters, each featuring a different type of sentence

What users say "Excellent. Just what I needed to inspire my class."


7. Scintillating syntax

What is it? An activity that helps students to make their sentences more exciting

What users say "Highly visual and extremely effective."


8. Visualising variety

What is it? A worksheet that helps students to bring a bit of diversity to their sentences

What users say "A well-structured lesson that gradually builds understanding - both in analysis and use."


9. Structural support

What is it? Activities on simple, complex and compound sentences

What users say "Thank you for sharing! Just what I needed."


10. Picture this

What is it? Form sentences about images

What users say "Fab! Many thanks for sharing this resource. My kids love unusual pictures - these fit the bill. Hoping for some great sentences."


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