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Ensure that your students are able to formulate a compelling argument with these resources, which will help you to teach the importance of writing and speaking persuasively

1. Complete argument

What is it? A lesson plan and resource pack for a class on persuasive writing

What users say "Used this during an inspection and we received `outstanding'."


2. Persuasive prompts

What is it? A series of posters to help students remember useful techniques and devices

What users say "Superb prompts for persuasive writing and debates."


3. Make your case

What is it? A colourful PowerPoint and booklet for teaching your class how to express their views

What users say "A comprehensive and easy to use resource with activities that illustrate the various techniques."


4. Sealing the deal

What is it? An activity that gets students to sell a new invention

What users say "Comprehensive and engaging with a focus on persuasive skills."


5. Talk it up

What is it? A scheme of work with differentiated resources to teach students how to write and talk in a convincing way

What users say "A clear, detailed resource that can be adapted for different year groups."


6. Dream speeches

What is it? Two lessons that use speeches by Martin Luther King (above) and King George VI of England to show how to write and deliver an argument

What users say "Very useful and easy to differentiate."


7. Orwellian omissions

What is it? A speaking and listening lesson based around television programme Room 101, which was inspired by George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty- Four

What users say "This is wonderful! I used excerpts of the show to complement it."


8. Copy king

What is it? A PowerPoint exploring the techniques used by advertisers to persuade us to make purchases

What users say "Visually strong and accessible. It could be useful for all ages."


9. Debating definitions

What is it? This lesson challenges students to convince their peers that graffiti is either art or vandalism

What users say "It is incredibly clear and I love the reflective worksheet. The PowerPoint is awesome, too."


10. Film focus

What is it? Five short video clips that form the basis of persuasive writing tasks

What users say "I found this really useful."


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